Adrienne Bailon Rob Kardashian Breast Implants and Nose Job

Adrienne Bailon is a member of a pop group called The Cheetah Girls and has been admired by a lot of teenage girls all around the world. Rumor said that she has had her breast augmented and also had Botox injection to help her get the sexy and curvier body figure. If you compare her photos from years ago and present, you could clearly see that her breasts in particular are much bigger especially with her recent pictures that shown a lot of cleavages. This could be the work of wonder bras or because of her age, but really most people and her body itself screams plastic surgeries when it comes to appearances on celebrities.
When she was seen by the paparazzi with her past boyfriends Robert Kardashian from Keeping up with the Kardashian and Vinny from Jersey Shore, you could clearly see that her breasts were fuller compared to previous years. Added to her good breed that comes from her Mother that is Puerto Rican and father that is Ecuadorian, Adrianne Bailon plastic surgery gives her body figure to look a lot more like Beyonce but with a little more touch of exoticness especially because of her shimmering tanned skin color. Comparing her past pictures to recent ones, you could see that she has matured and grown from a cute teenage girl into a hot mature woman.
Rumors of Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery started when she was spotted looking way different from how she looked in the past that could indicate that she had her nose and breast done in order to do so. She has been denying that she has work done on her body, but her appearances show otherwise. With her denying that she had any work done, she said that she only used accessories to help her enhance her figure especially when she looked more vulgar in public eyes.
Other than breast implants and Botox, it has appear that skin lightening has also been done as one of Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery to make her look more radiant, smooth and alluring more than ever before. All of her statements never admitted that she had any work done, but she has achieved her look with routine workouts, exercise and great skin care. Her natural beauty could also be because of her good genes that she inherited from her parents that give her curvy and voluptuous body.
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There are already a lot of celebrities that has their appearances changed because of plastic surgery which is why Adrianne Bailon plastic surgery was suspected a lot by a lot of people especially because of how famous she is. Most celebrities have adapted to the idea that it is okay to have plastic surgeries done to their bodies which is why it is hard to tell the difference if they have their body done or not just by looking at them without expertメs opinions. Whether her plastic surgery is something to be true or not, it is still a gossip that is around the celebrityメs news and no one really knows the truth but herself.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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