Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before and After

We all know that plastic surgery is now days taken a trend and some of the most common plastic surgery procedures which are taken by celebrities are the Botox injections, fillers, nose job and a boob job. Many actors as well as actresses from Hollywood and from across the globe has undergone these procedures to improve the way they look. Many of them have attained a new confidence in themselves and these plastic surgeries made them a new person altogether.
One such celebrity to undergo plastic surgery is Alexa Ray Joel. Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery became the talked about in various gossip sites after her images were found on a number of online websites. Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley and she did cause a stir when some pictures of herメs were found online where she looked grown and completely grown out.
She has pouty lips, much bigger boobs and high cheekbone. But donメt let them fool you as she does state that she is certainly plastic free.
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Though Alexa Ray Joel before Plastic Surgery images talk something else, the actress denies any reports of various plastic surgery procedures. When asked about the various procedures she underwent, she states that the rumours that she had undergone quite a bit of surgeries along with breast augmentation are completely false and the only thing she underwent was a nose job and she states that she is very honest about it. She states that apart from that she had a good dose of confidence.
Saying that, she signs off with a note that would really be good if the media and others would concentrate on her career, her music and the song writing she does.
So, what do you think about the new look of Alexa Ray Joel.

Written by Olivia Heath

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