Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery and Lip Job Facts Before and After

Anushka Sharma is a very well known Bollywood actress and she made her debut alongside none other than the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. The actress did make a big Bollywood entry and soon after she bagged various prestigious roles for which she got good recognization.
As like other Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is also believe in Plastic Surgery even quite early stage in her career. Of lately she was also in news other than for her performances and the news that was doing the rounds was on Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery.
The actress looked amazingly pretty when she entered Bollywood but her lips got some undue attention when she made an appearance in the famous show, Koffee with Karan. There was a drastic change that was seen in her lips and this made many people believe that she might have had a plastic surgery. The rumours about her having a lip job were almost everywhere in no time.
A serious improvement was found in her lips. Lots of gossips about her lip job that the Anushka Sharma quite possibly had instantly turned up. Anushka Sharma might possibly have opted for the surgical treatment with a need to have satisfied lips. Post surgical procedure on the other hand, her lips seemed unusually inflamed like they were truly bee stung.
Many people even compared the pictures of Anushka Sharma before and after Plastic Surgery and have noticed a change in the shape of her lips. The lips of Anushka Sharma after Plastic Surgery did seem a bit out of shape. The actress might have opted for a lip job to achieve fuller lips but guess the lip job went wrong and they looked swollen and abnormal.
Most people were surprised to see exactly what the celebrity wound up making to her face. Anushka Sharma lower lip looked dis proportionally larger than the upper lip. They ended up being one of the most popular element of her face right after surgery. Her brand-new, improved lips failed to even permit her to smile in the past.
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Most of her fans were quite disappointed knowing what she had done to her face as the lip job changed her face completely. The lips of Anushka Sharma before plastic surgery thought were not fuller but they did compliment her look and smile. But after the lip job, she kind of had a restricted smile.
The actress did respond to all those rumors stating that the change in the shape of her lips is due to some lip enhancing tools which were combined with some make up techniques. He said that she had to get those changes for a look for her new film and stated that she is against such procedures.

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