Axl Rose Plastic Surgery is Huge Wrong and Wired

Are you a rocker? Of course, you will love that music and know everything about rock genre. You also will know one of well-known vocalist of rock band that entitles モGun Nメ Rosesヤ. Yes, his mane is William Bruce Rose and his nickname is Axl Rose. He was born in Lafayette, Indiana, American on February 6, 1962. Her talent in music brings his career history to be great American singer, songwriter who result many creations and musician who know everything about the music. His skill in rock is admitted by world, so in certain time he had gotten nice career because some of his songs have been used to be sound tracks of film such as film of The Terminator 2.
In 2006, her popularity has made him to obtain plastic surgery. Much information and news arrived, then it becomes headlines news many celebrity health magazines. Many people including his fans believed that his plastic surgery is too much so his surgery procedures appear so bad and it cannot be predicted at the beginning. Is he one of the victims that suppers bad plastic surgery? Maybe, it is correct because he had chosen wrong surgeon in applying his plastic surgery. Finally, her current or new appearance becomes so both weird and worse; some people do not like his new appearance.
What are kinds of his plastic surgery that make it so bad? Much information claimed the he has obtained many surgery procedures such as facelift, injections of botox, nose job, eyelid surgery or eye plastic surgery, cheek implants and fat grafting, chemical peeling, etc. Although, the rumor about plastic surgery has showed up in many media, but singer has kept quiet about the issues associated with the changes in his facial appearance, but the rising start of Rock Axl Rose cannot give any official confirmation whatever it is true or false.
The evident of his plastic surgery can be seen in the current picture and you have to compare it with previous picture. Facial filler injections have used by him that aimed to hide and eliminate some aging signs and wrinkles; but her face becomes so tight, frozen, smooth, and he has get more plasticized face. You also can find that his cheeksメ looks become so fuller. It makes his current becomes swollen than before. He also obtained rhinoplasty so the eyes become too wide opened. Fortunately, nose job becomes narrower and his lips become smaller; but it is not fit with her general appearance in his face.
In conclusion, based on the analysis of the photos before and after treatment; you will agree that his plastic surgery treatment runs wrong and worse. Maybe he had chosen wrong expert or surgeon or maybe he gets bad genetic to obtain the treatment so his plastic surgery go to be bad. It will be a valuable lesson for you who want to obtain plastic surgery because it is not able to cause perfect and positive effect; but it can cause the negative effect that make you do not know yourself because you will be so different than before.

Written by Jessica Byrne

Jessica Byrne is celebrity journalist. Have you seen images of celebrities before and after plastic surgery? Then their articles are written for you! Check out the image gallery of celebrities before and after plastic surgery