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Barbara Eden is a Hollywood actress born in august 23 1931. She was recognized as Jeannie in I dream of Jeannie sitcom. At that time she is very young and beautiful.
Barbaraメs age havenメt influenced her beauty and appearance. Even in her 50メs her looks remained young and stunning. Barbara went through plastic surgery procedures to overcome her ageing problems and to look young and beautiful. When she was questioned even she admitted that she had gone through procedures of plastic surgery. She even look good in her 80メs and said not only plastic surgery but her healthy life style is the reason for her appearance at that age.
There are rumors that she might gone with some of plastic surgery procedures like nose job as there is lot of change in her nose shape, face lift, Botox injection, breast implants as she had tight and smooth skin at that age and noticeable changes in her appearance. Even there are rumors that in her age of 80メs she went for plastic surgery to improve her appearance as she fell insecure about her appearance.
From Barbara Eden Before and after photos it is clear that plastic surgery is main reason for her beauty at that age. We can see many changes in her face and body. She had done plastic surgery to overcome wrinkles and to get youthful look. She had gone through couple of cosmetic surgeries to change look. She had done nose job we can notice from before and after photos.
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She even undergone liposuction to lose her unwanted fat. Her face doesnメt reflects signs of her age but looks tight, smooth and flawless. It is very uncommon for that age women. To get that fresh, wrinkle free and lines free skin she took face lift. Some plastic surgeons says that she tightened her chicks by injecting fillers. She even have fresh eyes and donメt have sagging skin which are very common at that age that happens through plastic surgery procedures. There are rumors that she had done with breast implants.

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