Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Disaster Photo

Plastic surgery is not only for those well known female celebrities but even the male celebrities too have been blown over by the various choices plastic surgery is giving them. Some get under the knife for some quick enhancements and some wish to turn back the time to look young and charming. One such actor who has donned quite a different look at the age of 70 is Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow is one man who can make the World sing to the songs he writes and he had produced as well has written a number of songs for various blockbuster Hollywood movies.
The actors smooth and wrinkle free skin raised speculations about his plastic surgery.
The news about Barry Manilow plastic surgery surfaced when the actor appeared on a TV show where he looked extremely fresh and had a smooth skin. It is very uncommon for a man of 70 years to look so young and fresh. Thus, experts do say that he certainly might have had a facelift with a few Botox injections. But the actor denies the rumours of him having a plastic surgery. He says that he believes in aging with grace and this is the real him without any surgical procedures.
Well a look at the Barry Manilow before plastic surgery images for some clues do give us a sense that the actor might have had an eyelid surgery as it helps to get rid of those bags and sags which lie near our eyes. This gives the actor with a much youthful look. Some say that he would have at least had a mini facelift along with some minor doses of Botox injections. The reason for this is that he has more fluffy cheeks which are much pronounced.
Well the actor does deny any plastic surgery but i guess it is for his fans to decide if he had one or not.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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