Before and after Coco Austinメs Plastic Surgery

Coco Austin plastic surgeryᅠhas been one of the plastic surgery that has been talked about among celebrity news. The rapper and actorメs wife from Ice T has admitted that she has had plastic surgeries done on her body, and even not caring about what people think about her. Before her plastic surgery, she has blonde hair with slimmer body type but after the plastic surgery she have a different look with more voluptuous body and changed her hair color to blonde. With her plastic surgeries, she thinks that going under the knife for better appearance is acceptable especially if they could enhance peopleメs look so they feel good about themselves.
Her first surgery was her breast implant that she did when she was 18 years old. Coco Austin plastic surgery does really make a huge difference and changes in her life. She was someone that grew up in a small town and now married to a celebrity also that is already a huge lifestyle difference from something that she was used to. Even though she admitted that she had plastic surgeries done, she only stated that she had only her breast implanted and not her other body parts which raises some questions. Her butts definitely look like she had some work done there also, so that part of plastic surgery is still questionable.
Nicole Austin, who is now known as Coco Austin is one of the most controversial model that is widely known around the world for her big and voluptuous butts. Coco Austinメs plastic surgery has turned and transformed her little petite body into more of a fuller and sexier body that fits well with her job line especially as a model. Most of the models that is around these days are usually too thin which makes them look like they are anorexic or just unhealthy but this is not the case with Coco. She is very proud and happy with her body especially with her breasts and butts.
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Ice T, Cocoメs husband looks like he is also pleased with the look of his other half especially with Cocoメs fuller body that makes her look extra sexy. They are always seen exchanging small pecks on the lips or cheeks when they are in front of the paparazzi. Her husband is also alright with the fact that Coco Austinメs plastic surgery was talked about on the news, magazines etc. It might be more of a reason that this couple has more fame than any other couple.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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