Bo Derek Plastic Surgery Before and After

We may imagine Mary Cathleen Collins or the Bo Derek in Hollywood during her breakthrough years in 80メs- very bold and sexy. It is her delightful physical beauty that drowns her audiences into her. That is way back then. So, how did this sex symbol turned into todayメs generation?
Bo Derek is still in her perfect shape just like before. No one believes that the seductive young woman in her teen years still manage to look beautiful in her fifties. Many beauty experts believe that cosmetic surgery is responsible for Bo Derekメs timeless beauty.
Bo Derek is not an advocate of this modern technique of beauty enhancement. According to her, it is out of character or one might lose his/ her own character if he/ she resort to cosmetic surgery.
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Interestingly though, every aspect of surgical procedures were seen in Bo Derekメs physical appearance. Like her tight skin speaks a lot of dermal fillers, plump cheeks with cheek filler, and so on and so forth. Even her sun- kissed skin tone is now lighter.
Even if Bo Derek is hesitant in declaring the reason of her youthful appearance, people would still notice the difference between having and not having surgical intervention.

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Written by Jessica Byrne

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