Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bruce Jenner is a well known face in Hollywood and this Olympian has shocked everyone with the number of plastic surgeries he had undergone. He had taken several procedures and he showed that plastic surgeries are not only for female celebrities but are also for men. We can say from his present appearances that Bruce did take some plastic surgery procedures and some of Bruce Jenner plastic surgery can include a Botox, facelift and a nose job as well.
A comparison of Bruce Jenner plastic surgery before and after images show a visible chance of a facelift as Bruce is 60 years old and he still looks to his age. At this age we can see many men having sagging skin along with wrinkles but it is not the case with Bruce. He even admitted that he had a facelift even before and he made his face a little tighter. He even said that he had a second facelift to fix some more parts in his face.
Apart from facelift, he also has taken Botox injections to get those wrinkles and fine lines removed from this forehead. Though the results were great, his face still looked frozen and does not have that fresh look. It also seems like his natural smile has been waded away.
Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery also shows a chance of a nose job and he also had to hear a lot from his fans during this. Many of his fans did state that the nose job was very much unnecessary as the new nose he has now is narrow and does not look to suit his face. It can be said that he did not get anything better with the nose job he had taken.
Apart from the above mentioned, Bruce also might have had other plastic surgeries like an eye lid surgery and it is said that even his family had taken many plastic surgery procedures.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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