Cameron Diaz Nose Job and Plastic Surgery Secret

Cameron Diaz is the most popular actress of Hollywood. People from all over the World know Cameron Diaz for her beauty and for her movies. She is known to be the most popular of all the actresses of America and she too seems to have had some cosmetics procedures to enhance her looks.
While many undergo the procedures to look beautiful, no one would really expect a beauty like Cameron Diaz to get herself under the knife. But Cameron Diaz has admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery and she regrets her decision of doing so.
Cameron Diaz before plastic surgery looked amazingly fresh and beautiful but letメs see what plastic surgery did to her. Cameron Diaz who is more than 45 years does not look so old but her skin still looks fresh and flawless. Even her forehead is so smooth and does not have a hint of a wrinkle on it. She admitted taking Botox but she states that it made her face frozen and extra smooth. She even stated that she went to an extra extent with that and now she prefers aging on her face rather than taking Botox.
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Other than Botox, Cameron Diaz nose job also changed the way she looked. She now has a very different shape of nose which certainly compliments her overall look and her nose job too looked quite natural. Her nose now looks thinner with a smaller tip.
Apart from the above stated, she also had a breast implants to enhance her breasts and to make them look fuller. Cameron Diaz plastic surgery is indeed not a disaster except for her Botox overdoses. Her boobs job and the nose job did enhance her looks and she now looks more confident and much beautiful than before.

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