Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Picture

The news about the Carrot Top plastic surgery gained a lot of popularity from more than many years ago. The face of Carrot Top looked extremely smooth, ageless and also shiny. Many people speculate that this can be caused due to plastic surgery procedures which he might have undergone. From the photos available online, it can be said that there are many changes that are visible on the face of Carrot Top.
But when asked, Carrot top denies any chance of plastic surgery and he states that he did not undergo any plastic surgery procedures to make the face like that. Many of them do believe that he had undergone various procedures like a Botox, a facelift and also might have taken some dermal fillers.
It is said that Carrot Top had taken some Botox injections as the effect of the same is seen on his forehead. It looks very much smooth and flawless and does not have any wrinkles. Carrot Top is around 50 years now but still looks very young at age. His face which has no sign of wrinkles is very uncommon for a man of this age.
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Carrot Top before and after Plastic Surgery images also show sign of a facelift. This along with Botox might have helped him with the smooth skin he has and also made it tight. He has no signs of skin sagging and thus makes him look like a younger person. He also had a brow lift as it looks much elevated now and his innocent face now looks scarier.
Apart from the above he also take some dermal fillers and this was visible from his lip and cheeks which looks more full now and this can be due to the filler injections he had taken.

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