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  • Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Being old is no longer a problem to anyone now days. There are many people who undergo some cosmetic surgeries to look young and have a ever glowing skin. Moreover plastic surgery has become one easy way for the Hollywood celebrities to maintain a youthful look even when they are growing older. A number of […] More

  • Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

    It is indeed a fact that plastic surgery does attract a number of people so that they get a better appearance; Hollywood celebrities are no exception to this. But the fact remains that anyone can look beautiful if they choose an expert plastic surgeon or else things can go really bad. One such example of […] More

  • Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After

    The transformation of Sharon Osbourne over these years has indeed taken everyone by surprise. A number of her fans were taken by shock when she appeared at the Daytime Emmy Awards and many exclaimed about what she has done to her face. While some commented that her face looks like a mask, there were others […] More

  • Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Marilyn Pauline Novak or better known as Kim Novak is retired American actress. She had worked with Television programs and movies. In 1954, Kim started her career as a singer, she sang for Columbia Pictures. Kim has always been famous for her stunning and exquisite features however her appearance at the 87 Annual Academy awards […] More

  • Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Photo

    Lisa Rinna is another Hollywood celebrity who has joined many other celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery. The news about Lisa Rinna plastic surgery did make waves online and there are many forums which have numerous threads which are popular with the news of her plastic surgery. Many wish to know if the news of […] More

  • Did Marie Osmond Have Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery has now become a trend and the ones to follow this trend blindly are some of our most famous actors and actresses. While many of them are tight lipped about the secret behind their appearance, some do come out and talk about it. While the celebs do not talk, there are their fans […] More