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  • Kaley Cuoco Breast Implant Surgery Before and After

    For celebrities plastic surgeries was became common to improve their physical appearances. Same way there are rumors about Kaley undergone with cosmetic surgeries as well as breast implantKaley is American TV actress. She acted in television sitcoms 8 simple rules. In her teen age she acted in big bang theory as a neighbor by that […] More

  • Did Kim Kardashian Get a Nose Job Surgery

    Kim Kardashian is rich, beautiful and famous socialite whose main draw is her astonishing looks. She has never been comfortable with her looks and in various interviews has admitted that she feels insecure most of the times when compared to other beauties. One of the main reasons why she has gone for numerous changes on […] More

  • Kim Kardashian Before And After Plastic Surgery

    Kim Kardashian is an American model and actor who is famous for her reality shows. She garnered attention for the first time for her friendship with Paris Hilton and later received wider recognition when her sex tape with then boyfriend Ray Jwas leaked in media. After sometime, she started appearing in reality series, thus making […] More

  • Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Reports concerning the Megan Fox plastic surgery have been confirmed by a top New York plastic surgeon. The top surgeon clearly affirms that the current actress looks are as a result of multiple plastic surgeries.Megan Fox a well known celebrity and quite a famous personality is very famous among the media industry as a beautiful […] More

  • Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Rachel Weisz, born on 7th March 1970, is a beautiful English film and theatre actress. Since the mid 90メs Rachel has managed to acquire a great career in Hollywood and people have fallen in love with her beauty. The 40 years old still is young and beautiful, it seems her aging is more of a […] More

  • Renee Zellweger Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Aging is a natural process but many people are not comfortable with their altered looks. Instead of aging gracefully, they try to stop or slow down this process with the help of plastic surgery and Botox treatments. Celebrities, who are under continuous limelight, feel awkward with their older-image looks and they try to find ways […] More

  • Tyra Banks Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Tyra Banks is a well known model and a very famous TV personality who always claimed to be against plastic surgeries and going under the knife. Her statements did bring her a number of comments from many, especially when her nose suddenly looks different from what it was earlier. So, does it mean that the […] More

  • Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Being old is no longer a problem to anyone now days. There are many people who undergo some cosmetic surgeries to look young and have a ever glowing skin. Moreover plastic surgery has become one easy way for the Hollywood celebrities to maintain a youthful look even when they are growing older. A number of […] More