Category: Female Celebrities

  • Vivica Fox Plastic and Breast Surgery Before and After

    After view the above Vivica Fox Breast Augmentation Before and After Picture above, you will get the fair idea behind the beauty of celebrity. These days most of the celebrity prefer surgery for better looks and looking young.ᅠShe is among the several black personalities who was successful in taking individuals concern with her lovely appearances […] More

  • Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Plastic surgery is one procedure which has taken the world by storm. A number of people, especially those who are growing old wish to use the procedure of plastic surgery to look younger and hide their age. The others on the other hand use these procedures to change the way they look or to hide […] More

  • Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

    It is indeed a fact that plastic surgery does attract a number of people so that they get a better appearance; Hollywood celebrities are no exception to this. But the fact remains that anyone can look beautiful if they choose an expert plastic surgeon or else things can go really bad. One such example of […] More

  • Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Melissa Rivers who is now about 47 years old is the daughter of well known comedian Joan Rivers. She is seen to be adopting the way of her mother in getting some cosmetic procedures done. She is said to have undergone some cosmetic procedures and same like her mother she had never taken a step […] More

  • Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Nigella Lawson is quite popular as a celebrity chef and has been featured on a number of television shows. She is also known for her awesome persona which is very friendly. Before being a chef she was a writer and a book critic and also a bestselling author. Various critics have stated that there is […] More

  • Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After

    The transformation of Sharon Osbourne over these years has indeed taken everyone by surprise. A number of her fans were taken by shock when she appeared at the Daytime Emmy Awards and many exclaimed about what she has done to her face. While some commented that her face looks like a mask, there were others […] More

  • Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

    Julie Bowen is a well known American Actress and everybody knows about her plastic surgery allegations like other celebrity.ᅠAfter use the botox treatment she look very young and fresh.ᅠIf you look at the aboveᅠJulie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictureᅠor even if you notice her on television or magazine, you will definitely amazed with […] More

  • Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery and Nose Job

    Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery turned into fascinating matter due to the fact that she began to reduce weight and her appearances improved, however not just her body form, however at the same time her facial elements like Chin Implants, Lip Fillers, Nose Job and so on. Frances Bean Cobain, is a truly skilled rock […] More

  • Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Meg Ryan is referred to as the well-known and beautiful actress of Hollywood. She has recently turned 52 yrs now. During her younger age, she was appreciated by her good appearances and had to be compared with Madonna. On the other hand, Meg Ryan plastic surgery has completely changed her look. She has actually destroyed […] More