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  • Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

    A celebrity opting for a plastic surgery for different parts of their body is quite a common occurrence. Once they become famous and acquired a fan following and well known for their talents many of the famous personalities usually opt to undergo with a plastic surgery to enhance the beauty of a particular body part. […] More

  • Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Plastic surgeries have become the new way of making yourself look beautiful, many actresses fallen prey to numerous facial treatments in order to enhance their looks. However, what they fail to understand is people have liked them before they got all these plastic surgeries done, so what is the point of taking oneself under the […] More

  • Zooey Deschanel Plastic Surgery Before and After

    It is well known fact that there are definite natural physical changes that occur in one self with the change of time and no one is an exception. Especially celebrities and famous personalities though are not exception to this natural phenomenon they opt to look just the same every time. That is to look and […] More

  • Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood actress, model as well as singer who became a major sex symbol in Hollywood industry. She started her career in 1950s and that time Marilyn Monroe tried one of the plastic surgery job for beautiful looks and appearance. Above picture is one of the great example of her changing looks.Marilyn […] More

  • Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery has really created wonders and is just like a boon to get a totally new shape for all those who desire a change. Many famous celebrities often opt to go for a plastic surgery to correct their shapes in order to look and feel young. People in media are often looked upon with […] More

  • Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Naya Rivera is a beautiful actress, recently her pre fame picture has emerged and it seems the beautiful 27 years old actress has gone a lot of things done to her face. Rivera has a big mol on her chin, but in the recent picture the mole is missing. However, a mol is not the […] More

  • Rachel Mcadams Plastic Surgery and Mole on Face

    Rachel Mcadams, the beautiful Canadian actresses was born on the 17th November 1978 in London. She started acting at the age of 13 and her debut in the film world was in a Disneyメs series the Jett Jackson. After doing her graduation from the York in 2001, she worked for Canadian television for some time, […] More

  • Joan Van Arkメs Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Born on 16th June in 1943, Joan Van Ark is a beautiful woman despite her aging years. She is an excellent actress as well. She is known for her role in TV shows Knot Landing and Dalas. Mother of one daughter, Joan Van has always been in new regarding her numerous plastic surgeries.The numbers of […] More

  • Emilia Clarke Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Emilia Clarke is one of the beautiful princess Daenerys Targaryen, which was born on 26th October 1986. Before becoming famous for her role in the hit TV Games of Thrones, the British actress had worked with a different TV shows and films. She is known for her role in Triassic Attack, Shackled, Hemingway and Spike […] More