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  • Is Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Real?

    Julia Roberts, one of the biggest celebrities in the Hollywood having big fan following as she is featured in many films. Her name itself is enough and favorite for many of the people who follow her movies. There are many people wondering how Julia Roberts managed to stand as main starring actress from few years […] More

  • Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Plastic surgery is now days preferred by many including celebrities from entertainment industry, politics and other fields as well. But did you ever wonder why does someone have to undergo such a procedure? While many of them from the entertainment industry are already good looking, do they really need to undergo such procedures?Well, many have […] More

  • Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before and After

    We all know that plastic surgery is now days taken a trend and some of the most common plastic surgery procedures which are taken by celebrities are the Botox injections, fillers, nose job and a boob job. Many actors as well as actresses from Hollywood and from across the globe has undergone these procedures to […] More

  • Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After

    Shocking look of Anna Faris after cosmetic surgery shows that important change is brought in her by this revolutionary operation. Youll find lots of Hollywood celebrities tempted to get cosmetic surgery to attain that perfect appearance. Many of them dont understand that without operation, they still seem great.Sadly, they do not sense for what they […] More

  • Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before After

    Undergoing a plastic surgery is not an easy procedure but many celebrities undergo this procedure in order to look good and change the way they look. A number of Hollywood celebrities have taken this path of plastic surgery to hide their age, look young and feel confident. The actors as well as the actresses are […] More

  • Bernadette Peters Before and After Plastic Surgery Photo

    Bernadette Peters is another Hollywood celeb who has undergone plastic surgery to hide her age. She had herself revealed her secret of staying young and she stated that she owes it all to the good genes she has and some plastic surgery procedures she underwent. Even at the age of 64, she does not show […] More

  • Blake Lively Plastic Surgery and Breast Implants

    Plastic surgery was once not preferred and now it has started to become a trend. Almost everyone including our popular and gorgeous Hollywood actresses also prefer getting under the knife to look beautiful. While some of these cosmetic surgeries are successful the others just make the matters worse. There are a number of actresses who […] More

  • Bonnie Bedelia Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Bonnie Bedelia who is above the age of 60 years is not young by her age, but a glance at her would even make the young girls go envy. Bonnie Bedelia sill looks quite young and beautiful by her appearance and does not look as old as 60. This raised many questions about how she […] More

  • Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery, Nose Job Before and After

    Jennifer Lopez is one of the American Actress,ᅠfashion designer and famous Singer. With her great voice and awesome look she going toᅠvery popularᅠcelebrity.ᅠOccasionally, Jennifer Lopez got many alterations on her look through Plastic Surgery. As explaining by media consultants, several noticeable plastic surgery she did consisted of Botox Injection, nose surgery, lip reduction, breast enhancement, […] More