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  • Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery: The Changes Before and After

    Did Ryan Gosling change his nose thus changing his appearance before he shone in to fame? At least we are aware that he stopped the plucking of his eyebrows.Having been a protagonist in the Mickey Mouse Club, then to Breaker High and ultimately to the Young Hercules during the late ム90s, it is very clear […] More

  • Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before and After

    Plastic surgery, most of us know about this surgical procedure. This procedure has created wonders as it is capable of altering a person shape and features and makes them look more beautiful and elegant. The concept of medical surgery is welcomed by many of the famous personalities with open arms. People who are always in […] More

  • Zac Efron Plastic Surgery: The Looks Before and After

    Heartthrob Zac Efron had a Rhinoplasty procedure done on him. The nose job was done to stretch out his bridge thus making it to appear straighter than before. The Zac Efron plastic surgery really did wonders for this celebrity giving him a more attractive and mature appearance. In addition, the celeb looks much hotter today.Although […] More

  • Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery allows people to alter their body shape or features. It is a quite common procedure that is welcomed with open hands by many famous personalities. Especially people who are in the media industry look at this procedure as a boon which helps them to make a change in their personality and alter their […] More

  • Changes in Mark McGrath: Before and After Plastic Surgery

    Did Mark McGrath change his nose thus changing his appearance before he shone in to fame? At least we are aware that he stopped the plucking of his eyebrows.Its true, Mark McGrath is modifying their looks too much and very significantly. Just before he understood about the plastic surgery, he utilized to fairly attractive and […] More

  • Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Disaster Photo

    Plastic surgery is not only for those well known female celebrities but even the male celebrities too have been blown over by the various choices plastic surgery is giving them. Some get under the knife for some quick enhancements and some wish to turn back the time to look young and charming. One such actor […] More

  • Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before After

    Bob Costas is a popular name in America and he is very much known to everyone as Sportcaster. Bob is presently 62 years old but does not look any where that old. He has more of a youthful look and this is one of the reasons as to why there were a number of speculations […] More