Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cher is a well known actress and a song writer along with being a fashion designer. She is at the age of 68 now and has had a very successful career in music which lasted for five decades. She was born in California in the year 1946 in America. She was born in a very small town by the name El Centro. She rose to limelight has a pop singer and later moved on to become a music composer and a film producer.
Cher plastic surgery was in news for many years. She popularly goes by her nick name which is the Goddess of Pop and her fans assume that she might as well had gone though some plastic surgery procedures to look beautiful and to fight those signs of aging.
It is said that the pop singer had undergone two plastic surgeries one was for her nose and other was a breast augmentation. She also admitted having those done and she also stated that those were important to ease that pressure which is evident in the entertainment industry. For someone to be relevant in the entertainment industry, it is important that they look young and beautiful.
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Even at the age of 68, Cherメs face does not show her age. Cher before and after Plastic Surgery images do show how the actress transformed and how she has a youthful face now. Her face now looks smooth than ever and those frown lines have magically disappeared.
It is said that Cher might have had plastic surgery many a times. She has a very unusual jaw line and this has given her the needed facelift. She is also said to have undergone a cosmetic procedure called the Blepharoplasty which is done to remove those eye bags and to correct the eyelids.

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