Cheryl Ladd Plastic Surgery Before and After

At her age of 62, Cheryl Ladd is amazinglyyounger for her age. The American singer and actress is yet to reveal the secret behind her youthful look. People however speculate that she might have undergone serious plastic surgeries. She has been denying that she went under the knife but her current photos show much difference from those that were taken some years back.
Her facial look shows a drastic change especially her nose which is completely new. Anyone can see that she underwent a nose job. Her nasal shape is now more perfect and refined than before.
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Initially, it wasbigger and wider. She is also rumored to have used Botox injections to freshen her up and make her wrinkles disappear. Her cheeks are not sunken as you will expect them to for a woman of her age. A facelift is also evident given her young and fresh look.
She has been asked about these rumors many times but she has remained adamant to speak about it. However, she once made a statement regarding the issue. All she said is that she was not against plastic job. Do you think that a plastic surgery is what Cheryl Ladd used?

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