Christina Hendricks Breast Implants Surgery Before and After

Talk about Christina Hendricks and the very next thing that comes to our mind is the Mad Men show. If you havenメt heard about it yet, then it is the most popular television show and Christina Hendricks can never be separated from his show. The reason behind this is that, the show is nothing without its sexy and hot actress Christina Hendricks.
It is said that Christina Hendricks had undergone a boob job so that she could increase her breast size. She was the host of one of the hottest show on TV and it is not at all shocking to see her getting a boob job to make herself look even sexier than before. Many fans were heard murmuring if the news about Christina Hendricks Boobs Job was true or not. At a very recent function, she was seen walking on the Red Carpet and she was looking fab with a green dress on and her boobs certainly looked bigger than usual.
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The news about Christina Hendricks breast augmentation was thought to be true by many after a comparison of her past and recent images surfaced online. Even the popular plastic surgeon stated that she might have undergone breast implants to make her boobs look fuller and bigger. Christina Hendricks breast implants were the process which the actress underwent to enhance her breast size. The actress who is beautiful and stunning couldnメt stop people staring at her unusual boobs and she was looking even sexier with her enhanced breasts.
While the actress denied having a boob job done, she very recently admitted in an interview that she underwent a procedure for the same. She stated that she was ashamed to share it in public but she feels more confident now and she was happy she took a decision to get a breast implant done.

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