Cindy Crawford Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Cindy Crawford is a well known model who shot to fame in the year 1980 as one of the supermodels during that time. She was known for her trademark mole on her face and she had the feel of a natural beauty and thus many felt was she was quite refreshing when compared to the other plastic faces Hollywood had. After she retired Cindy Crawford had indeed made some good money by endorsing a wide range of skin care products along with some rejuvenating creams. For many years Cindy Crawford was known to be a natural beauty that was untouched by the plastic surgeonメs knife.
But the saddest part is that all such things are not the way they look. Cindy Crawford herself had admitted that her so called natural beauty is all the result of her cosmetic procedures which has been taking for more than a decade. As her statement was made, the news about Cindy Crawford plastic surgery was all over and many of her fans were indeed heartbroken. Many of them who never even thought Has Cindy Crawford Had Plastic Surgery were surprised to know that the natural beauty they loved was also due to plastic surgery.
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Crawford Plastic Surgery prices were indeed very high as she had herself admitted taking Botox injections to keep herself young and glowing and she also had taken fillers so that she can have her brows relaxed and her face wrinkle free. Many of the experts also stated that she had those perfect cheekbones which are indeed due to a number of cosmetic sculpting procedures. Even after many years of retirement, she still remains to look young and youthful, thanks to the various procedures she uses.
In the very recent pictures of her, she has a sunken look in her eyes and thus many think that she might have had an eye surgery to get rid of any excess fat around her eyes.

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