Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before And After

Hollywood is one place which is never short of the celebrities who undergo plastic surgeries to keep themselves ahead of the race in this world of good looks. While there are some surgeries which are quite subtle and enhance the beauty of the celebrity, there are others which are proven to be just disasters.
One such celebrity is Courtney Love who was in news for her plastic surgery procedures. Though there were many speculations related to Courtney Love Plastic Surgery, these came to an end when the actress herself admitted to getting some done. Courtney Love who was known for her all round talent is a singer, actress, song writer and also a musician. She stated that she underwent some plastic surgery procedures to make it big in her career.
The first procedure which she underwent was in the year 1980メs when she was just in her mid 20s. She had a nose job done and the changes were noticeable. She also underwent two more nose jobs to give it a more refined look. She also underwent breast augmentation and this helped her to have more bigger and refined breasts and even her chest now looks tight and toned.
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A look at the Courtney Love before Plastic Surgery pictures will leave one perplexed as one can see noticeable changes year after year and some of the procedures she underwent are liposuction, face lift or a face reconstruction and she has also taken some lip fillers along with Botox injections.
Courtney Love is known for her looks now and she also maintains a well toned physic even at this age of 50 years. She has much smoother skin without any sign of skin sagging or wrinkles on her face or neck, which is quite not the case with other women of the same age.

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