Dangers of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Dangers of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Plastic surgery information is sometimes contradicting and inaccurate. Some people would claim that the procedure is safe while some have stories to tell regarding real plastic surgery gone wrong. Is the idea of it going wrong really fact or fiction?

Plastic Surgery Risks

Some life instances would require people to go into reconstructive surgery in order to save their lives and to restore damaged bodily functions. Even such a critical procedure however requires patient consent.

Since cosmetic surgery is not a matter of life and death, it is generally more elective than reconstructive surgery and has been the subject of a lot of sites on procedures that have gone wrong. Perhaps more and more people are wondering why others volunteer to put their bodies in danger.

Modern plastic surgeons and plastic surgery practitioners may tell you that today’s latest innovations on the field present almost zero risk. Numerous capable practitioners really do great jobs that generally satisfy patients.

It is still a fact however that pictures of such still circulate online. It is also a fact that there are actually law firms that specialize in bad plastic surgery. What does this tell you?

If some lawyers see this as a lucrative area to set their sights on then cases of such must therefore be a reality. The figures say too that one in four people have had some bad surgical reaction or experience.

What Can Go Wrong

In any case, let’s assume that plastic surgery is, indeed, safe. Granting that bad surgery cases are rare and isolated, you would still be most unfortunate if you became the rare recipient of incorrect procedures.

It cannot be denied that possible risks are damaging to the individual. In minor cases you may just have to bear prolonged bruising or swelling. More serious problems however can also happen which may just include some of the following:

  • Leakage or hardening of implants
  • Reactions to medicine or anesthesia
  • Slippage of implants
  • Drooping, disproportionate or asymmetrical breasts
  • Extensive scarring and possibly disfigurement
  • Too much skin removed
  • Death
  • Nerve, tissue, muscle or organ damage

What Happens After

Naturally, a bad procedure can lead to other things such as more medicalbills and more work absences. You might also have to run after the doctor responsible for such procedure and the legal battle could be inconvenient, costly and long. The worst thing that could happen is that you might end up looking worse than before the surgery and your new look could be permanent. Although the physical pain may eventually diminish, the emotional pain can drag on for a long time.

What You Can Do

Try natural methods before going into plastic surgery. Try the natural way of trying to get a better appearance and resort only to surgery if all else fails.

Trust only a certified plastic surgeon. A certification is the best way to ensure that your doctor has had the necessary number of years of training and has passed the required exams.

Written by Edward Sargent

Dr. Edward Sargent is known and respected an innovator in the surgical techniques of facial rejuvenation and body contouring.