Dia Mirza: Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Just like pregnancy, some things cannot be hidden. The Dia Mirza Plastic Surgery speculations have been around for some time even after the former beauty queen blatantly denied claims of ever being involved in any cosmetic procedures for beauty purposes.
She denied this claims in a recent interview conducted by Pinkvilla.com saying that she will never get pressurized to get plastic surgery done. She also added that she is grateful to the almighty for blessing her with a beautiful body. She is of the opinion that due to cosmetic surgery everybody has started looking the same. Plastic surgery is only for those who have any kind of deformities happening to them due to accidents or other disasters. She concluded saying that she will never have a problem with her wrinkles when she turns 60.
Smart isnメt it? But her pictures say something else. Or not unless Dia considered her nose deformed, so she had to rectify it.
Judging from the Dia Mirza before and after plastic surgery photos, the popular Bollywood beauty wears a different look, especially on the nose. Her nose was flat and not so cute with her face. But she is recently spotted with a long sharp nose that to be honest goes well with her facial features.

Written by Lea Freeh

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