Emilia Clarke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Emilia Clarke is one of the beautiful princess Daenerys Targaryen, which was born on 26th October 1986. Before becoming famous for her role in the hit TV Games of Thrones, the British actress had worked with a different TV shows and films. She is known for her role in Triassic Attack, Shackled, Hemingway and Spike Island. However, her career did not get the boost until she became the mother of dragons. She has won 4 awards and nominated for 12 different awards for her role in the top-notch TV serial, Game of Thrones. Despite, she being ranked as the most beautiful face in 2012 by Independent Critics List, yet Emilias Clarke did make unnatural changes to her face.
Emilia Clarke Plastic surgery regarding her lips is the most controversial. Many believe that her lips are natural whereas other says it is not possible to have that perfect lips. It is also said that one reason behind Emilia Clarke Lips enhancement is to add more to her Daenerys Targaryen princess character. Likewise, for this very same role, she has also gotten breast augmentation done. The major reason behind this speculation is that despite the fact that we see her with minimal makeup on Television, yet she manages to look extremely beautiful with perfect nose, lips and hips. Looking at Emilia Clarke before and after picture, we can see that her breast was small but after the implant they have become big and round. Many say that increase in her breast size added to her sexy looks. Nonetheless, Emilia Clarke Lips are considered to be one of her best asserts.
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Her perfection of her eyebrows is also debatable. Many say that she has gotten some sort of plastic surgery done whereas Clarke says she would never experiment with her eyebrows, as she would never experiment with drugs. Similarly, she also denies taking herself under the knife for any sort of plastic surgery.

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