Emma Stone Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Emma stone is well known American actress who had many famous movies in her bag. She featured in many famous movies like Spider man, as a lead actress. Her Unique accent and sparkling eyes attracted most of the people across the world. She gained lot of name and fame by her acting and stunning looks in the movies. Emma stone with her husky voice and fair skin tone has a real natural beauty within and that became an asset for her.
Emma stone was in news for her amazing performances in various shows but what actually got into news is that she went for a lip job and Rhinoplasty which helped her improve the way she looked. Some of her new pictures did reveal some changes in her nose as well in the size of her lips. In some of her old pictures, Emma Stone had bulbous tip and a very wide nose. This was one of the most prominent features of her face and this now looks quite thinner and the bridge looks narrower now. Even the tip of her nose which once had a bulbous tip now looks very much pointed and much sharper. Even her nose looks much smaller when compared to her previous images.
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Even her lips show a significant change. Her upper lip was thinner when compared to her lower lip and this looked misappropriate and now her upper lip is more fuller when compared to her earlier one.
Emma Stone nose job is a remarkable feature one should observe in her, as she underwent some changes with her nose to get a unique face attention. The main feature of her face seems to be her nose. Emma Stone plastic surgery photos will reveal the story how it all changed by the nose surgery of her to have better looks.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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