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Born on November 2nd, 1981 in Mumbai India, Esha Deol is a popular film actress in the Bollywood movie industry. She is the daughter of film star couple Dharmendra and Hema Malini, the oldest daughter to be precise and just like her parents; the actress has not ceased to capture the hearts of Indian film lovers through her tremendous acting skills.
She made her debut in the film Koi Mere Dil Se Pooch way back in 2002. She has since, starred in various films some of which include, Dhrom, Ankahee, Just married, and No entry. She bagged the famous Filmfare award for best female debut.
Reports claim that Esha succumbed to the pressure in Bollywood to undergo some cosmetic procedures so as to improve her beauty and look more attractive.
The Esha Deol Plastic Surgery reports came right after the actress went missing from the limelight for some time. News had it that she had travelled abroad and checked into a rehab and was also undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.
She, however, denied this claims citing that she never checked into any rehab and had also not gone through any surgeries to achieve her glamorous looks. Esha Deol instead stated the Esha Deol Plastic Surgery rumors as very hurtful and baseless.
Although to her, plastic surgery is not a bad thing. Esha argues that celebrities are constantly receiving pressure to go through the said cosmetic procedures just to remain relevant in the public eye and the industry at large. It is evident that the movie and music industries only way of staying relevant are not only by being a great performer but also be good-looking.
Pictures of Esha Deol are doing rounds in the media with the caption Esha Deol before and after Plastic Surgery. And from the look of it, she seems to have undergone plastic surgery.

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