Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery is now days the most preferred by many and this cosmetic procedure is quite popular with models and actors. Some of them who have taken the procedure of plastic surgery are those Hollywood celebs who have undergone this procedure of plastic surgery to enhance the way they look or at times to hide their age. While some of them are a success, the others were just a disaster to the core. One such case of plastic surgery is that of Fergie. Fergie was popular from the Black Eyed Peas and she is said to have had a number of surgeries.
Fergie plastic surgery was the most talked over for quite a while online. There were a number of rumours online which stated that she had a boob job, a nose job along with a brow lift and taking some Botox injections along with taking collagen for her lips.
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A look at the Fergie before plastic surgery pictures would make people understand that all those rumours were to some extent true. While the actress never claimed to have undergone any surgery to change her appearance, the images of her do the talking.
Her eye brows are now curved now and even her nose which was wide and big now looks very toned and narrow. The Botox injections too have done their job well and her cheeks now look fuller and are face shows no signs of wrinkles or tiredness. The most visible of her surgeries is her boob job. Her breasts are now tight and seem to be big and fuller.
Even her lips have gained some shape and look fuller, thanks to those injections that she had taken. Whatever the surgeries she had taken, Fergie now looks better than her earlier pictures, but honestly she looked natural then but she looks plastic now.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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