Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everybody knows about Gauri Khan as a Shahrukh Khans wife but she is also an interior designer as well as Bollywoods film producer. She got married with Shahrukh Khan in 1984 .
Gauri comes from the Chhibber family and she was born on 8 October 1970 as a daughter of Savita Chhibber and Colonel Ramesh Chandra Chhibber. Growing up in the suburb, she go to school at Loreto Convent School and graduated from Lady Sriram college, New Delhi. She keeps a Bachelorメs degree in History. Than she met Shahrukh Khan in 1984, and married him on 25 October 1991 and after that she turn out to be a Bollywood movie producer. They have a son Aryan and a daughter Suhana. In 2013, they became families of a third child named Abram, via a surrogate mother.
Gauri Khan plastic surgery was first rumored because of her wanting to enhance her look so that she looks more interesting for her husband. Currently She is 43 year old and still look very charming and gorgeous just because of Botox Job. Just check the above picture and you will notice how she losing her natural beauty and get fresher and unnatural look with Plastic surgery job.
In Bollywood, plastic surgery is not a new idea for celebrity. Almost every celebrity try plastic surgery job once in the career for better appearance. Gauri Khan is also a part of Bollywood and doing same thing as like others.
Being a wife of the King of Bollywood is not easy for her, even though she is a talented woman and got ain important role in film industry also interior design, the world demanding her to look perfect. In some pictures, Gauri Khanメs plastic surgery procedures were spotted to be done and experts say that is possible she did botox injection and dermal treatment. This will create natural youth but erasing detailed expression because of the tight face muscle will react from the process. Ofcourse with changes like this,some fans may not feel comfortable anymore looking at her. And the rumours also connecting what cause of her deciding on plastic surgery with her husband affair.
One woman that recently know as her husband alleged mistress is also an actress name Priyanka Chopra. Fans of SRK assumed this is why her wife did what she did. Gauri Khan plastic surgery was merely done to improve her appereance. Sadly the results are not too good and making her face look too intense, although an expert like Dr.Veil says if she really did something to her appearance, she has done it really well because she looks really natural for her age. The lady doesnメt have any lines between the eyes or on her forehead ヨ you can achieve these results with Botox. Rumours or not, the difference before and after are very clear especially to the eyes of public and experts.

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