Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Geena Davis who has obtained complete name as Virginia Elizabeth Geena Davis was born in America on January 21, 1956. She is a known well American multi talent actress. Besides she can play the film; she also can be a film producer who direct players when she is on the shooting. Her career is enough perfect because she ever had some achievement such as Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. Moreover, she also becomes so popular as writer and former fashion model so she is easy to be popular in public. Doing activity on the stage or TV will need perfect performance, so she treat herself by the treatment of plastic surgery. It is a rumor, but to make you sure about it; it is wise for you to continue in reading this valuable post.
Why do public believe that she had obtained the result of plastic surgery treatment? The reason is logic; Geena Davis who has arrived in her old age of 57 years old cannot appear so old. In contrast, she looks still young, and younger that other women who have the same ages. Do you believe that she cannot do plastic surgery? You will response that it is impossible. As you know, in 57 age, you will obtain the sign of aging something like wrinkles or unnecessary lines. Those signs cannot appears to her, so public believe that it is the result of plastic surgery.
What are the possibilities kinds of her plastic surgery? Based on her current appearance, some surgeons believe that she had the treatment of lip injections, facelift, eye lift, Rhinoplasty, as well as botox injections. You can find the differences about her lips by comparing before and after photos through internet sites. The result of her lips job is so nutritious. As a result, her lips become so beautiful and fits with perfect face form of her.
Moreover, she also gets rumor that she had obtained the result of eye lift surgery. As majority actress did, the treatment is aimed to eliminate unnecessary sagging skin, especially in her eyes area. How is about the result, the eyes job is more beautiful and fresh so many people believe that she is younger than before. The valuable treatment is also supported by Facelifts. You can prove it by comparing the picture before and after treatment. After treatment pictures will show that she is free from wrinkles unlike other people in the same ages.
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Botox Injections is another kind of plastic surgery that has been addressed to her. Some surgeons believe that she has obtained the result of plastic surgery because in her old age she can still keep her appearance. She is still fresh and beautiful and it will not be obtained by other people who cannot do the treatment of plastic surgery.
Finally, she is also addressed to get Rhinoplasty. What is the treatment of Rhinoplasty? It is valuable treatment to make her nose becomes so beautiful and nice than before. As a result, her nose has gone flat, so she will not get satisfaction to her Rhinoplasty treatment.

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