Has Angelina Jolie Had Plastic and Breast Surgery

Angelina Jolie is the most popular actress around the World. She is known for her acting skills and her charity and her relationship with Brad Pitt. She is the hottest celebrity in Hollywood and many a people do have an assumption that the news of Angelina Jolie plastic surgery is indeed true.
A look at some of her before as well as after pictures clearly shows some changes in her appearance. A number of celebrity gossip watchers have many times made reports stating about Angelina Jolie plastic surgeries. They believe that she has undergone the same to attain the stardom which she is enjoying now.
Some of the cosmetic procedures which Angelina Jolie might have undergone are a nose job, lip fillers, breast surgery and Botox. Some of the pictures of Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery, clearly show a nose job and this was done at the very beginning of her career as a model. One can easily judge from her photos that there is indeed a change in the shape of her nose and the present nose is smaller and thinner when compared to the earlier one.
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Angelina Jolie breast surgery was news that hit online Hollywood gossip sites and gained popularity in no time. She also had a face lift along with Botox and she was also rumoured to have taken some filler injections.
These are some of the plastic surgery news of Angelina Jolie that made up to a number of online websites. Though the actress has never conformed anything officially, a number of surgeons state that she might have undergone a majority of them at the very start of her modelling career.
Whatever the cosmetic procedures, we all fans of Angelia Jolie do love the way she looks; we love her not only as an actress but also for the fact that she is a great human being.

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