Hot Sunny Leone Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

Currently catching the eyes of viewers on Bollywood silver screens with her enormous sexy boobs, Sunny Leone adds to the list of actress who has undergone plastic surgery.
Born as Kareen Maholtra in 1981 to Sikh parentage, Sunny grew up as a normal kid where even attended a Catholic school that is usually considered of good moral values and upbringings.
Judging from her childhood background, one would wonder why Sunny Leone chose to involve herself in the porn industry. But as many of the public questions goes unanswered, this one will pass too. A closer answer leads us to reports published where Leone admitted having become aware of being bisexual at the age of 18; also admitting that although she is bisexual, she prioritizes men over women. We still cannot ascertain whether this prompted her to be a porn start or not.
The subject of the Sunny Leone Plastic Surgery has featured in both soft and hard porn with most scenes being filmed with women. She, however, made a return recently by acting with men, her fiance to be precise after which she took a break to take care of her ムtwo babiesメ (breasts).
Looking at the Sunny Leone before and after plastic surgery photos below, we see that she has acquired some very big boobs perfect for her line of work.
Although I tend to give no justification to such acts, I will give Sunny some credit. It appears her job got demanding of well rounded and firmer boobs and so she succumbed to the demands for better performance. And the results are here. She is one of the most Googled women on earth!
I must admit, though; Sunny Leone had a perfect face with the perfect body shape and plastic surgery was really not a necessity. Although still, the monetary value involved was worth it.

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Written by Jessica Byrne

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