Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before And After

Korean actors are also gained a lot of popularity these days and even the Korean movies are well known for their storylines and music. Well, when we talk about the Korean actors, one actor we cannot forget is Hyun Bin. You as well might be one of his fans if you are from Asia. Hyun Bin is known to be the most favourite actors in Korea and has a great female fan following. He not only has good looks but also maintains a very good body.
There are a lot of speculations about Hyun Bin plastic surgery these days and many say that he might have had a nose job and a jaw surgery.
The very first rumour about his plastic surgery came out when the images of Hyun Bin before plastic surgery started making rounds online. Many of his fans speculate a jaw surgery as his jaw looks completely different now. The latest images of his show a much smaller jaw, but the actor denied all the reports of a possible jaw surgery. He said it looks smaller due to his weight loss regime.
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Apart from the jaw surgery, the actor might also have undergone a nose job in order to reshape his nose. His nose now looks like it has a smaller bridge and looks more pointed. However the actor denies it all and this just does not prove that the actor had undergone plastic surgery.
While there were rumours and speculations doing the rounds, the actor still seemed to have enjoyed all the attention and with a warm smile brushed away all of them. He said that he is now following a healthy life style and all these changes visible in him are due to his weight loss. Well, it might as well be true as his fans will for sure be happy to hear it from their favourite actor.

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