Is Deepika Padukone Plastic Surgery Real?

She is one of the most in demand Bollywood actresses, taking away breathe of millions with her stellar performance in films like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express, Piku and very recently Ramleela. She has been successful in almost everything she has tried her hand at, as a badminton player, in modeling and now in films.
No doubt, that Deepika Padukone plastic surgery has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Every now and then, we come across some pictures showing the differences in Deepika Padukone before and after plastic surgery.
Ever since her debut in the blockbuster Om Shanti Om with Shahrukh Khan, this tall girl kept breaking records with every release. Be it movies or be it her personal life, she has been in always in news.
Plastic surgery is nothing new to bollywood. Many actors, male and female alike have taken its help to get a glamorous and improved look. The reason Deepika padukone plastic surgery got tounges wagging in the industry due to her immense popularity. Though she has never accepted it formally, Deepika Padukone before and after plastic surgery pictures tell a different story altogether. There are unconfirmed rumors about her breast implants too.
Deepika is a natural beauty there is no doubt about it. However, she seems to have succumbed to the demands of the industry where glamour is everything. The best part is even if she had undergone a plastic surgery, it hadnメt gone haywire like it happened with other famous Bollywood actors. In fact, her nose and lips, which according to the rumors, went under the knife, look more beautiful than ever.
She is a blessed beauty and even if she underwent a plastic surgery, we should not make it an issue. People should judge her keeping her performances in mind and not her personal life. But then, we all love gossiping, donメt we?

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Written by Jessica Byrne

Jessica Byrne is celebrity journalist. Have you seen images of celebrities before and after plastic surgery? Then their articles are written for you! Check out the image gallery of celebrities before and after plastic surgery