Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Biel is a famous American actress who rose to fame as a vocalist at an early age of 9. Her most famous TV series was the 7th Heaven which made her a star over night and she got noticed for her beautiful looks. From then, she was always a popular face among TV serials as well as films. Some of her successful films of her were the Hitchcock, New Yearメs Eve, Blade Trinity and a couple of TV series like New Girl and Family Guy.
Though Jessica Biel is one such actress who has won 7 awards along with 18 nominations and also was voted The Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire in 2005, she decided to undergo plastic surgery to change her looks even better. This indeed shows the impact of good looks in Hollywood.
Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery indeed came in as surprise to many as she was one of the best looking actresses in Hollywood. Some of the most possible cosmetic surgeries she might have undergone are a collagen, a lip job and Rhinoplasty. A look at Jessica Biel before and after pictures do show some significance when her looks are compared with her previous ones.
For quite some time it is said that Jessica Biel might have undergone lip lift as her lips now look fuller as well as plumper. This again became more like a debate as a number of people do believe that the change in her lips is not due to lip lift but was due to a change in her make-up. But wherever be the reason, the fuller and voluptuous have indeed added to her beauty as well as sex appeal.
She even has flawless skin now and this is quite unusual for an actress of her age. This can be due to the intake of Collagen injections as it helps to rejuvenate the ageing of skin.

Written by Lea Freeh

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