Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Lange was very recently in news for the use of Botox to look younger. The rumors that she had a face lift and a brow lift did the rounds after her new photos hit the web. A number of websites had the Jessica Lange before and after images which showed clear evidence of her undergoing plastic surgery.
Jessica Lange, a former Hollywood model had undergone plastic surgery to look attractive and to look younger to her age. Jessica Langeメs recent age does not make her young anymore but her pictures say otherwise as she looks way younger that her age. The forehead of Jessica Lange is tight and has no wrinkles. Even her skin on her face as well as neck is smooth and free of any wrinkles.
In general women of her age have visible wrinkles on the next and forehead but she does not have any signs of ageing. Her skin is still smooth as she was young and this indeed is an indication that she might have had a plastic surgery and a face and neck lift so as to remove all her ageing signs.
Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery indeed made waves in media but the model denied all the rumors about the same. The famous Dr. Anthony also gave his opinion about the plastic surgery of Jessica Lange. He states that her high eyebrows show an occurrence of a brow lift and even her neck line is taut which is a perfect sign of face lift. Her skin too does not show any sagging which in itself shows that she might have undergone a face lift.
Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery still remains unconfirmed by the model and many still are not sure if the famous model did undergo a plastic surgery or not.

Written by Lea Freeh

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