John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After

John Kerry is neither an actor nor a celebrity but he is quite popular in America. The 70 year old is the US State Secretory and looks like a young man today. This made heads turn and people started talking about John Kerry plastic surgery.
The news about John Kerry plastic surgery might as well be true as the politician looks too young for his age of 70 and many believe that he might have taken the help of plastic surgery to change the way he looks and transform from being a 70 year old to a younger looking man. A keen look at him would certainly make you feel that he looks more than 30 years younger to his age.
If we ask if John Kerry had plastic surgery, we would say yes, he did. A look at his earlier images and the present ones make us believe that he might have taken the help of Botox injections and fillers to make his skin look young and wrinkle free. Apart from those some of the other plastic surgery procedures include a facelift and a nose job.
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It can be said that John Kerry had taken the combination of Botox injections and filler injections which help his wrinkles fade way and made his skin look tighter. Even the sagging of his skin is no longer visible. All those wrinkles on his forehead have now vanished magically and his face looks fresh than before. He also might have taken fillers for his cheeks and other areas in his face as his face now looks fuller.
Another procedure he underwent was a nose job and this can be seen from his recent images where there is difference in the shape of his nose. John Kerry is a famous and a well known person in America and the media stated that he had denied all the reports of plastic surgery.

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