John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery Before and After

John Rzeznik is well known in America for his sensational music and his 48 year old musician did surprise one and all recently when he looked much younger to his age. Many people believe that John had indeed struggled hard to fight those signs of aging but yet he still does not look the way he wanted it to be. It can be said that John Rzeznik plastic surgery was indeed very unsuccessful.
A comparison of John Rzeznik before plastic surgery images show that he did try to keep up to his young look and he might as well have taken the help of plastic surgery for the same. Though his cosmetic surgery procedures did not include many procedures, it was quite not a success. Some of his procedures include a Botox injection and a nose job.
The face of this musician has changed to a large extent. He might as have taken more than needed doses of Botox injections which made is face look frozen. Though his face looks wrinkle free and smooth, it now has a very unnatural look. His natural charm went missing due to the intake of Botox injections.
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Apart from the Botox injections, he might have undergone a nose job and even this change is quite evident in his recent images. The actor earlier used to have a bigger nose and his new nose is slimmer and smaller. But many of his fans as well as the critics state that his earlier nose was better than the new one. His old nose went well with this face rather than the new one.
The musician never confirmed the news about his much talked plastic surgery procedures but yet he would have chosen to keep the plastic surgeries to a minimum. John Rzeznik plastic surgery was indeed not a success.

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