Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Julia Louis Dreyfus is an American actress from the film series Seinfeld. The actor is born in the year 1961 January 13.
The actress with her age more than 50 is rumored to have plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Due to her appearance some people noticed changes and suspected that it may be the result of plastic surgery. The actor has a good diet and exercise as a result she had a good body. But for her appearance and shape the rumors started spreading that she may undergone the procedure of plastic surgery. The actor says he had never gone under knife for her beauty appearance and says in future there is a chance if things became worse she should do something to repair it.
As she looks fantastic even in her 50,s without any wrinkles and ageing signs people suspect that she had plastic surgery for her face and people also observed the changes in her nose which differs from previous so there are rumors that she had done some nose work too. She had no wrinkles and her skin looks flawless so there are suspects that she had done something on her wrinkles.
After comparing latest photos with previous Juliaメs face looks smother and nose smaller than the previous when compared to her old photos so she is suspected to have a plastic surgery. The actor is looking amazing in recent years. She looks younger in her 50メs and there are no aging signs on her face which are common at that age. People suspected that she may have Botox injections and facial lift as she had no wrinkles on her face. so rumors started floating about Julia having plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif also agrees about there is a possibility plastic surgery in Julia and says that Juliaメs nose looks smaller in the latest photo, and says it looks good on her. It is just rumor but there is no proof that she had plastic surgery. But the actor looks fantastic even she is no longer young with are without plastic surgery.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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