Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery Before and After

Like many Hollywood celebrities, Julianna Margulies was also in news, thanks to her plastic surgery procedures. She has indeed joined the list of those countless celebrities who did try to play around with their taking the help of plastic surgery.
Julianna Margulies was known for her roles from ER and The Good Wife and is a well known veteran actress. Julianna Margulies plastic surgery helped her smooth away those wrinkles as she is known to have taken Botox injections. Some of the pictures of Julianna Margulies before plastic surgery do show a few wrinkles on her forehead, but all of them have almost magically disappeared in her later pictures. Her present pictures do show that these annoying and little signs of aging were completely gone.
Though many people believe in aging with grace, there are others who take the other way. They feel that aging need not affect the way you look. Celebs now take help of plastic surgery and take some magical Botox injections and fillers and all your aging sings magically disappear. Though it might not be as simple as it sounds, all these work only when they are done right.
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It would seem that just because youメre aging, doesnメt mean you have to do it gracefully. A few magical injections and poof, years of sleepless nights and early morning call times are gone.
It is said that Julianna Margulies might have shaved her proboscis to some extent and the result of this was a more thinner and pretty nose. She always denied taking any Botox injections or fillers but she also stated that once she gets old she might as well undergo only one or two. But she never confirmed if she underwent plastic surgery or not. Julianna Margulies sure look confident than before and we certainly love the way she looks now.

Written by Lea Freeh

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