Kangana Ranaut Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

For what reasons these celebrities decide to go through cosmetic procedures for beauty enhancement, I donメt know. But as it is the media never lacks a story. While some claim it is influenced by the industry, others claim that it is just an inferiority complex. Others argue that it has become a necessity to go undergo these procedures to stay relevant both on and away from the screen.
Stories like the Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery story is not new to our eyes nor ears as very many similar stories have been published about different actors and actresses. Some are having done breasts implants, some are liposuctions some having Botox injections while some have done multiple of these surgeries in a bid to achieve a perfect body.
Based on the reports filed in the media, the Krrish hitmaker is once again a victim of plastic surgery media reports. It is claimed that when she first made her in the Indian movie screens, Kangana was not as refined as she is now. Then, her lips were thinner and smaller and her face so common.
Today, as seen from the Kangana Ranaut before and after Plastic Surgery photos, her lips look much fuller and slightly bigger while her face looks puffy. There is a noticeable difference on her jaw line. It clearly outlines the perfect structure of her face.
The above can only mean one thing; that the rumors of Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery, not just mere speculation but there is some truth in it. The 28-year-old actress might have had a nose job, breast implants and a liposuction even if she hasnメt confirmed this story. I mean how do you explain the sudden change in her appearance, baby fat loss? Growth and development? I donメt think so. And even if it was, baby fat does not accumulate on the jaw line, and lips let alone the nose.
All said, you could only be the judge to the Kangana Ranaut before and after plastic surgery claims.

Written by Jessica Byrne

Jessica Byrne is celebrity journalist. Have you seen images of celebrities before and after plastic surgery? Then their articles are written for you! Check out the image gallery of celebrities before and after plastic surgery