Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Gosselin is a beautiful actress which was born on 28th March, 1975, She became famous for her role in a hit TV show Jon and Kate plus 6. The talented actresses seemed to be an entirely different person when we saw her again on Jon and Kate plus 8. So, did Kate Gosselin have Plastic surgery treatments done? We believe this drastic change in her looks is due to a number of plastic surgeries she has gotten done.
Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery of the face is among the most prominent surgeries she has undergone. A New York based plastic surgeon; Dr. Steve Fallek said that the change in her looks is very noticeable. One can easily say that she got her face lifted, although due to her young age and skin, she got a short scar face-lifting done. A short scar face lift is a type of facelift in which shorter incision starting from the top of the ear are moved downwards. These incisions are disguised inside the ear.
Kate Gosselin before and after plastic surgery pictures clearly show the difference between her noses. Initially her nose was not that point and small, but in the recent pictures we can see that her nose has become very small and it has a pointy edge now. According to Dr. Steve Fallek, Kate must have paid around $7500 for her nose job.
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Her breast also seem bigger and rounder, however when she is questioned about the drastic increase in her boobs size, she said I simply have got a good bra now. Somehow it is hard to believe that even a good bra can add so much volume to her breast. Nonetheless, there is one plastic surgery Kate isnメt embarrassed of admitting and that is tommy tucking. She openly accepts the fact that she has gotten tummy tuck.

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