Katie Couric Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

The beautiful American journalist is reaching her 60s and yet she has maintained herself amazingly well. Katie went to Yorktown High School and later she went to the University of Virginia, where she did her bachelors in Journalism backin1975. Since then she has been working with different TV channels.Her younger looking skin and firm body is one reason why people are still in love with her. Often people wonder what she does to keep herself that young. Has she taken herself under the knife or she is trying to maintain her youthful looks through natural process. If you have this ambiguity in your mind, let us clear it for you. At such an age, it is not possible to maintain a wrinkles face until unless you have gotten it treated. So, we believe that there is a long list of Katie Couric Plastic Surgery.
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When comparing Katie Couric before and after pictures, we can clearly see that the face is wrinkle free. This indicates that she has gotten Botox done. Since there are no wrinkles around her eyes, forehand and cheeks, it means she has gotten Botox injected in these particular areas. Also, you do not see any sagging skin on her neck, cheek and jaw, this implies that Kelly has gotten face-lifting done in order to keep her skin firm.
Face lift along with boxton injection in different parts of the face is among the major reasons behind her looking young and beautiful. When Katie was questioned regarding her plastic surgeries, she denied. She said that she does not believe in plastic surgeries and her youthful looks are all due to natural process. However the mark difference between Katie Couric Before and After pictures indicate otherwise. Despite all her denial, we believe that she has gotten herself under the knife and she will do it again in order to hold on to her youthful looks.

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