Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Lebrock is a beautiful American actress. She became famous for her work in movies like ムThe woman in Red and the ムWeird Scienceメ. Even in her 50s Kelly has turned out to be one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses we have come across. She is still famous for her beautiful looks. Her fans are still in love with her and they love seeing on her Television. According to a famous plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, Kelly is among those few blessed Hollywood actresses who are aging very gracefully. Unlike others, her fading looks are still attractive and they look pretty. However, he also believes that plastic surgeries are the main reason behind her graceful aging.
It is not possible to have no wrinkles on your face in your 50s, so we are sure that Kelly Lebrock has gotten not only botox done but also other surgeries done. It seems she doesnメt mind getting herself under the knife as long as the results are positive. Lucky for her, the Botox and the surgeries did turn out to be really good for her face. She started to look years younger after getting the Botox done.
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In order to get rid of the wrinkles present on her Eyes, Kelly got eyelid surgery done. Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery of the eyelids added to her already younger looking appearance. She not only got the illusion of new eyes, but also the effect of looking young overall.
We can clearly see in Kelly Lebrock Before and After pictures that her lips are transformed. They are bigger now as compared to in the past. We are sure that Kelly has gotten filler or lips implant in order to make her lips look bigger and thicker and why not people today simply love women with think and big lips.

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