Kim Basinger Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kim Basinger is a famous Hollywood actress who has been famous for her roles in the movies like Batman and the 8th Mile. She had been in Hollywood for quite some time and there were a number of rumours doing the rounds about Kim Basinger plastic surgery. Many from the industry as well as from outside the industry do feel that she might have got that little help from outside in the form of plastic surgery procedures.
A look at the Kim Basinger before plastic surgery pictures and some of her new pictures, we could say that the actress is aging but the question remains as to if she is aging gracefully or not. It is said that Kim Basinger might have taken the aid of various cosmetic procedures and she from them till date is one prime suspect of a possible plastic surgery.
A look at her earlier pictures does clear suspensions of her taking Botox injections along with face fillers. She might have also had taken facial filler for her cheeks along with a collagen therapy. She has smooth and ageless skin now that compliments her personality.
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There were a number of rumours about the plastic surgery of Kim Basinger and the actress had never responded to such and she played smart by doing so. But the famous plastic surgeon Paul Nassif had stated that there is a possibility of her taking regular Botox and that too in needed quantities and her smooth skin is due to the same. But however the key phase here still remains to be a may be and we guess until the actress herself does not clear the air, we will for sure not know if she had undergone a plastic surgery or not.

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