Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Photo Before and After

If you are in Asia you might as well have known about K-pop which is more than a culture in Korea. This is the moment where people love to watch more from the artists of Korea like their music, movies and much more. Beside the development in culture Korea too has seen a number of takers of plastic surgeries. Many of the top actors from Korea have taken the path of plastic surgery to enhance the way they looked and one such actor from the Korean entertainment industry is Kim Hyun.
He is one of the best actors from Korea who underwent some plastic surgery procedures. Many of his fans did show disagreement when the news of Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery hit the internet. He along with his fans also denies the speculations about his possible plastic surgery.
A look at the Kim Hyun Joong before plastic surgery images we can see that his nose looks completely different know when compared to the earlier one. When the actor was asked about the nose job, he did not deny but told about the nose job. He stated that he had undergone the nose job when was much younger. He said that he had hurt his nose and crashed it and this happened when a stone was thrown at him. Then the only option he had was to go in for a nose job.
He stated that he took the option of nose job for obvious health reasons and surprisingly his nose looked perfect for his face and made him look more attractive and handsome. Many of his female fans did swoon by having a clear look at his pictures.
Well, all is well that ends well and the nose job of Kim Hyun did give him a more better look than before.

Written by Lea Freeh

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