Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marilyn Pauline Novak or better known as Kim Novak is retired American actress. She had worked with Television programs and movies. In 1954, Kim started her career as a singer, she sang for Columbia Pictures. Kim has always been famous for her stunning and exquisite features however her appearance at the 87 Annual Academy awards that took place on the second of March raised a lot of eyebrows. People went shock after looking at her completely changed face.
According to a famous plastic surgeon of Beverley Hills,ᅠᅠ Brent Moelleken, the sudden and drastic change in Kimメs face is due to the silicone injection. He said a fat silicone turns out to be pretty bad and it is irreversible. Hollywood actress who age gracefully tend to do subtle changes to their face however, when they try really look younger, the results turn out to be really bad.
Kim Novak Plastic Surgery did turn out to be pretty bad, it seems the face of the beautiful actress has been ruined. Her cheeks were not the only thing that was altered on her face, her chin also seems to be different. According to Adam Schaffner, NYC plastic surgeon there is a mark different between her current and previous chin. She definitely has gotten some sort of treatment done in order to make her chin more angular.
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Kim Noval was also accused of getting breast plastic surgery done. When asked regarding her surgery, she said that she did get fat injections in her face and these injections are better as compared to a facelift. She then added that every person has the right to look as good as possible, so she doesnメt regret taking herself under the knife in order to look pretty, however recently the beautiful actress revealed that she had breast cancer and the change in her breast is due to this illness. You can clearly see the difference between Kim Novak before and after pictures.

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