Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Photo

Lisa Rinna is another Hollywood celebrity who has joined many other celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery. The news about Lisa Rinna plastic surgery did make waves online and there are many forums which have numerous threads which are popular with the news of her plastic surgery. Many wish to know if the news of her plastic surgery is true or is it a rumour.
He actress never admitted being under the knife but she did in Todays Show and she stated that she had taken a lip implants which didnメt look really well. Lisa Rinna before plastic surgery pictures do show better lips. Lisa Rinna said that her lip implants did make her feel very frustrated and they didnメt turn out to be how she wanted. Her lip implants made her face look very weird but her instant decision of going in for a reconstructive therapy did help her. But however her lips did seem better than the earlier implant but her natural lips were much far better. She said she underwent this lip implants in her 20メs.
Apart from the lip implants, she also might have undergone Botox injections along with a facelift too. But even this was a very unfortunate tale which was never told. Though these procedures did not seem to give the needed look, she does not look young but her face has skin which looks smooth yet frozen.
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Botox and filler injections are the ones which are mostly used by a number of Hollywood celebrities. While many had success stories to tell, others were those unfortunate sad tales which did not do the obvious magic. Most of the old actresses have tried taking Botox and filler injections to hide her age and attain youthful appearance.
Lisa Rinna though had a bad experience, her skin looks fresh and wrinkle free.

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