Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos and Facts

If you are from India, you would certainly have been growing old by watching some of the best movie of Madhuri Dixit. The Diva who is an amazing actress and a splendid dancer made her acting debut in the year 1984 but her path to success was laid with the evergreen and the blockbuster Tezaab which was released in the year 1988. She later went on to continue with her success path by a number of movies and she rose to stardom which no other actress from Bollywood has achieved.
The actress had bid adieu to acting for few years after she got married and left to US to stay with her doctor husband. But many were taken by surprise after she made a comeback to the industry. She looked much younger to her age and this started the speculations about Madhuri Dixit plastic surgery. The actress is more than 47 years old and looks quite young and charming. Many people wonder if it is due to plastic surgery or is it due to anything else.
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A look at the pictures of Madhuri Dixit Before and after plastic surgery do suggest a nose job as her nose now looks slimmer and pointed whereas the earlier nose was big and fat. Madhuri Dixit plastic surgeon did a real good job as her new nose looks wonderful and also compliments the way she looks. It also gave her a much more confident look and she looked amazing and ravishing.
When contacted by media the actress did admit that she had a nose job and she is not against plastic surgery but she said that she also believes in aging gracefully. Her charm is still the same and she says that she owns it all to her healthy lifestyle and the dance practice she does without fail.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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