Malikka Sherawat Before And After Plastic Surgery

Even though she is constantly viewed as a sex symbol in the Indian film industry, Mallika Sherawat has become one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood. Her bold attitude and strong willed character in TV screens has become her strongest points and reasons for most directors and producers to include her in their films.
Mallika has taken part in films like Politics of Love (2011), Murder (2004) and Aap Ka Suroor (2007); although she made her breakthrough in Aar Ka Suroor. Murder being her much-acclaimed movie especially for the role she played and how she played.
She first started out as a model featuring in various TV commercials then landed into acting that has so far proved to be a success.
With Mallika, she has a radiant natural beauty that cannot go unnoticed. It is no doubt she chooses to venture into industries that would appreciate and make good use of her beauty; film and modeling.
However, the Mallika Sherawat plastic surgery news has been trending, ever since news of Bollywood celebrities have been indulging in plastic surgery to enhance their beauty came into place. Often weメve come across pictures outlining the major differences in Mallika Sherawat before and after plastic surgery and honestly, the differences are clearly visible with much attention being drawn to her breasts.
Mallikaメs breasts seem to have increased in size and also firmness. When we compared the Mallika Sherawat before and after plastic surgery photos, we noticed that her breasts are fuller and firmer indicating that the gorgeous actress had indeed undergone a breast implant.
Additionally, the actress seems to have been very pleased with the results of her breast implants; sheメs always spotted wearing outfits that show her cleavage or outlines the shape of her newly acquired watermelons.

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